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So he and Kunou decided to sit on the only table that didn't have a champion on it. " Harry asked, looking up from his food."Look at this article." Cedric said, handing Harry a copy of the Daily Prophet. The whole article was, as opposed to being on the Triwizard Tournament, was basically a full life-story of Brandon.Continued on pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, it explained every part of Brandon's life in much, MUCH too much detail.He'd only been mentioned as 'a fourth champion who wishes to remain anonymous.I was unable to gain an interview with him.'"What were you doing that wouldn't get you an interview with Rita Skeeter, Harry?

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At all."Ahh, Harry." Harry looked up, and he saw Dumbledore standing over them. Fine."Harry and Kunou got up from the table, and followed Dumbledore out of the Great Hall.

WBWL, Dumbledore/Brandon/Ron/Hermione/Molly/Ginny Bashing, Lemons, Harry x Harem. Harry and Kunou had spent the rest of the day shagging each other's brains out, and neither were seen for the rest of the day. But anyway…It was the day after the wand-weighing ceremony, and Harry and Kunou had sat down at the same table he'd sat at when he came to Hogwarts, in the Great Hall.

Harry had figured out that Fleur was sat on one table, Krum on a different one, and Brandon on another different one. " Cedric Diggory, the seventh-year Hufflepuff who Harry had talked to a few days before, asked."Hmm?

" Susan Bones, a fourth-year Hufflepuff, asked Harry."Fucking Kunou into the bed." Harry replied, bluntly.

Everyone who heard laughed, blushed, or felt extremely jealous of Kunou that she would get fucked by such a hot guy."Uh… " Cedric asked, after recovering from Harry's blunt statement."I thought it was a load of shit." Harry replied, tossing the paper back at him. " he asked his younger brother (A/N: Yes, I know a few times that I've stated Brandon to be Harry's older brother, but those were typos.

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