Xbmc updating to frodo

Off course, this will still works on any SDHC Class SD card.********************************************** OUTDATED ********************************************** Edit 12/03/2012: Recommended build: ELEC-RPi.arm-devel-20121124031454-r12577bz2 Note: This build is compatible with both 256MB and 512MB Raspberry, take a look here:

xbmc updating to frodo-38xbmc updating to frodo-57xbmc updating to frodo-32xbmc updating to frodo-29

An easy way to resolve your fit to screen issue could be to customize UI zoom (by probably -6 or -8%).

To do so, do as follows: SSH activation through Open ELEC OS Addon SSH is now off by default and can be activated using the Open ELEC OS addon, under the section "Services".

To access to the Open ELEC OS Addon: - Main menu "Programs" / Sub-menu "Open ELEC OS" - Mai menu "Parameters" then Programs Choose to activate the SSH daemon under the section Services, and reboot.

If you have some issues, proceed as follows: Depending on your TV/Screen and configuration, you may try 2 methods, one manipulating overscan values and one other with UI zoom tuning. Also "overscan_scale" is an experimental set, test with and without.

Try to set in your overscan settings (see Memorandum to learn how to update config.txt): Note: Adapt overscan position values to your TV/screen # Make display smaller to stop text spilling off the screen overscan_scale=1 # BB3/viewtopic.php?

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