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I'm tired of seeing all these community leaders, remote staff being treated that way and not being paid."When Aol first started the program, however, it was not such a bum deal.In return for acting as community leaders and helpful Virgils to the virgin Internet, monitors received free Internet service.(Just ask the legions of American to apply for the position, sign the company’s terms of service agreement, make a minimum 3-4 hours a week time commitment, and follow a shift schedule enforced with timecards.

In 1999, during an online meeting with all community leaders, Aol management announced that volunteers would no longer receive free Internet service; instead they would receive a discounted rate.

How could the company keep parents from barring their children from chat rooms like the sketchy park down the street?

The company did so by following the model high schools use to police prom: employees recruited large numbers of volunteer monitors to supervise its chat rooms and act as “community leaders.” The only problem was that unlike a high school, Aol was a massive Internet company.

“What community leaders did was very essential to the service in terms of what [Aol was] selling to the public,” their lawyer, Leon Greenberg, .

“The minimum-wage laws require people get paid a minimum wage.

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    Please at least let me skip them before we actually connect or let me select an age range I want to speak with (18 for example) and still, the gems are such a rip off because I’ll talk to a girl for maybe 1 minute and in the middle of a good conversation they just skip.