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We’ve spoken a lot about photos on our site and how to choose a good pic for your profile but Uniformdating also lends you a helping hand and gives you some advice and tips on good profile photos.

We have to take our hat off to Uniform Dating where it comes to searching.

It has special sections for members of the Armed Forces, police, fire brigade, nurses and doctors.

Hannah says her big mistake was making comments on the internet about the rogue photograph.

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From the company who produced “Gin & Chronic Arthritis” and “Posh Tramps & Papooses”, “Bailiffs & Blind Dates” is a one act comedy not just for kids.

Ma Longbottom was married to Maderia five years ago in Moston’s first same sex civil partnership but things have taken a turn for the worse in their relationship.

When she gets the news that Maderia has left her for Offal Joe who has the butchers stall on the market, Ma fears she will be lonely this Christmas.

Your chances of making an impact are so much better if you give original and thoughtful answers.

You can naturally add photos – up to 20 of them – and the system also lets you upload them from Facebook or take one with your webcam.

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