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I was taken very well and met understanding and respect from the first contact.

It is important here to determine that Happy Life is a matchmaking agency that personally knows all those profiles they have in their database. Elena, I wonder how you always find the right words of support, even after your letters I feel lighter. Anyway, I am thankful to the Agency for these amazing two months of exciting expectation of love.

You can say that I was able to fall in love with him and this my feeling is mutual :)) I get used to a new life in a quiet way ... Wake up and fall asleep in arms of my beloved one... Girls, most importantly, I want to tell you many thanks !!!! For the opportunity to make my life full and saturated! Giovani should to do a lot and learn together, but most importantly we were able to find each other. It was very comfortable and pleasant to work with you (I will recommend Your Agency to their friends). Over 5 years of work of our Agency more than once heard the question: "Are you married? Sometimes the impression that this is the only indicator of the success of the Agency and many were only waiting for the day when I ..the full review Ekaterina (Moscow, 31) and Oleg (Omsk, 36) My dear, amazing, precious fairy girls! I wanted so much to tell you this news first, I am sure you will be sincerely happy for us! My boyfriend is from Omsk, but he is currently living in Moscow.

The most important thing now this is my beloved man !!! After all, I have not been married for 20 years ... A girl from the snow-covered Siberia and the southern hot temperamental Italian! Today Oleg proposed to me and we decided to marry!!!! After two months’ chatting and one meeting on May holidays we spent a holiday together in June, now we are thinking about how and where to organize our life together.

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He didn’t believe me for a long time until Maria and I had invited him to have lunch)) He’s a good guy, I know him for a long time. Best regards, Dario Olga (30 years old, Russia) and Mario (34 years old, Italy) Hello, my dear girls!These dating websites became bland very fast as there were no serious profiles on those websites.However, I went on some romantic dates, but without the very big chemistry between us, since many of the profiles almost seemed like a lifestyle of being single and in their free time being invited on different romantic dates.Therefore, Happy Life doesn't have a lot of profiles about whom you don’t even know whether they really want a serious relationship or not. I liked Dmitry a lot :) and even though our relationship hasn’t gone far yet, I can already say that he is 100% the man I want to have beside me. made an engraving on his ring and mine But Lena, what should I do next… After three years of stagnation, it was a breath of fresh air, I went to beauty parlors and enjoyed myself incredibly :) It is such a pleasure to meet intelligent, educated, self-made men who are eager and ready for a serious relationship.Happy Life helped me right from the first contact and further with all my questions. Thanks to the agency, it was such a pleasure for me to feel the manly spirit, to walk around charming places, to feel his care, to talk about this and that and imagine he’s my husband :)))) Dear girls! How my life changed dramatically thanks to your sincere support and truly willing to help! I take it back about me knowing for sure how to treat a man and not needing others’ advice. Alexander promised to come to Omsk after holidays, but we aren’t certain about the yet since he didn’t know when he can get free. ))) Oleg is a wonderful person, he gave me 3 beautiful days in such beauty! He is already waiting for me and my daughter on New Year's in St.

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    After that though, I found myself being more involved with our school’s newspaper, canning for THON, going out with friends, playing sports, and really finding who I was as an individual.

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