World accommodating nrm

Instead they offer personal fulfilment, meditation and ways to turn individuals into “better people”, unlocking their “hidden potential”.This can include quite individualised beliefs, such as participating in forms of meditation and there is much overlap with New Age Movements.Barker (1989) estimates that there are at least five hundred different new religious movements in the UK.This apparent diversity – expressed in the differences of outlook and constituency and in the methods of recruitment of the many various groups – has been usefully conceptualized by Wallis (1984), who divides them into ‘world rejecting (e.g. Transcendental Meditation, Scientology) and ‘world accommodating movements (e.g.Arguably too, they can be seen as a response to the crisis of identity’ in late modernity discussed by GIDDENS (1991).Given, however, the relatively small number of people actually involved in NRM, and the fact that they seem to appeal mostly to the young middle class, and then only for a few years, their recent growth cannot be seen as something which seriously offsets the trend towards SECULARIZATION.

This is almost the opposite of what we tend to mean by cult in popular usage and popular culture.

These looked at ways of understanding New Religious Movements (NRMs) which include cults and certain types of sect.

Not to be confused with New Age Movements (NAMs) which we shall come onto later!

Though diverse and numerous, NRM tend individually to have only a small number of members.

Public hostility is thus not justified by their numerical strength.

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