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Born as Shane Lee Yaw on 19th July 1988, he would later be widely known by his professional name, Shane Dawson which has stuck to date.He grew up in Long Beach California where he was a student at Lakewood High School.His early work would consist of sketch comedy videos where he would play original characters, impersonate celebs, and make light of pop culture.Being passion-driven, skillful and of creative personality, he quickly rose to fame on You Tube, accumulating over half a billion cumulative views by the year 2010.He told fans that he has been very quiet abut his personal and private life for quite a while, but said that he decided to come clean after hiding a very big part of his life from fans. ” Shane then decided to officially confirm that he’s dating a new man – Ryland Adams. “He just makes me so, so happy.” Shane knew that fans were going to flood his comments asking for a “Shane and Ryland Boyfriend Tag” or ton of challenges, so he told them that none were coming.

Despite his immense online popularity, Shane Dawson has more than once been the center of public attention with never-ending controversies and scandals.To date, the video has millions of views and has remained one of his most successful works.Not long after, he launched his second channel (now Human Emoji) where he would upload content related to short web films, trailer parodies, music video parodies, and original music.Shawn Dawson’s dating life can be described as ‘silent’, mainly because he has not been linked to as many relationships as you would expect from a person with such intense fame.He had previously been linked to Lisa Schwartz, who is a fellow You Tube star.

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