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“Thank you for all of your wonderful messages- the SHOW is a HIT!! In other news, Last man standing and R&B singer Ray Lavender did a video interview with TVOne during which he dished on his relationship with Omarosa, and his marital status.

I will keep you posted on the reunion show and on Season 2 casting. On The Status of His Relationship Today With Omarosa – “Me and Omarosa are very good friends, we’re very cool.

Wherever God calls me, wherever he leads me that is where I’ll go, and if he eventually leads me to a church that’s where I’ll be.

was completed last year, which means you’ve already shot the reunion special and found your man.

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I know you can’t reveal the ending but are you really saying you’ve married someone from the show? I went all the way in, one hundred percent [with this show.] The hardest part is not being able to be seen [in public] with the person that you ultimately chose.

It’s been seven months since we’ve finished the show and we’ve [my new guy and I] have had to do some sneaking and creeping around because we can’t disclose who the winner is. So what would say went wrong with your first marriage? I was 22; about to turn 23, he was in his early twenties.

I went to Nigeria three years ago and did a whole press tour there for about three weeks and helped to launch an you wanted to work for Donald Trump, when did you discover you wanted to be a minister?

I got my calling two years ago, I didn’t respond to my call immediately but that’s when I got it. I’ve been doing missionary work around the world for the last five years; work in Haiti and for the homeless.

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