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This is supported by a note in a fan club magazine saying that by February they had three songs ready: ‘E S P’, ‘Live or Die’, and ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ (an interesting list— see below). An alternate theory of dating is that the recording sessions were around that time, and that the earlier dates for the other songs show when the ‘demos’ were finished.While possible this is not satisfactory on two counts.The first song they completed, ‘You Win Again’, would the first single.

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The brothers were not ready to give up being pop hitmakers, but after the recent weak showings with solo and production work, a successful Bee Gees album looked their last best shot at the charts.Second, it gives too much time after the ‘demo’ recordings, which are said to be late 1986.But until more detail becomes available, who knows?And E S P was successful, not in the United States where anti-disco prejudice still ruled, but in Britain and Europe.In the second half of 1987 they worked on a few songs with Andy, and they may have started writing songs for the next Bee Gees album.

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