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I really do believe that I’m here for a bigger purpose and I want to be a role model and speak for the black community and black women specifically.Humor was the way it felt most organic and effective for me. I had to take two trains to get there but the second train didn’t work because someone jumped on the tracks. I go outside and a white girl comes up to me who was also trying to get to Williamsburg and asks me to share a cab. ” We get in the cab and start talking about Halloween. Tabernacle presented by Cricket Wireless - Atlanta Amanda Seales is LIFE!!!!!!!This was my first SBF show, and I was skeptical about going alone.Later in life, Seales dabbled in the music realm replacing Natalie Stewart in the neo-soul duo, Floetry, touring alongside Marsha Ambrosius-Phillips and also appeared on Q-Tip's Grammy-nominated album, and now curates her own eclectic production known as the Smart, Funny, & Black live show.With that said, check out the tour dates, venue locations, and ticket information for Amanda Seales' Smart, Funny, & Black Tour below: April 27 – Austin, TX – Moontower Comedy May 3 – St. Thomas May 9 – San Diego, CA – The Observatory May 17 – Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater May 18 – Madison, WI – Capitol Theatre May 19 – Milwaukee, WI – The Pabst Theater May 24-26 – Tempe, AZ – Tempe Improv June 6-8 – Washington, DC – Kennedy Center July 13 – Columbus, OH – Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Theatre (Tickets) July 14 – Detroit, MI – Cathedral Theatre at the Masonic Temple (Tickets) July 17 – New York, NY – Playstation Theater (Tickets) July 24 – Baltimore, MD – Meyerhoff Symphony Hall (Tickets) July 27 – Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle Sept.I have planted my flag in my comedy being useful for social change. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to get into the mainstream, be the “it girl” and get the whites to like you — to cross over. I feel like now, more than ever, I’m in my purpose and comedy is the foundation of that. I feel like I have a unique voice that’s true and authentic, and we need more of that.Then I went to see “12 Years a Slave,” left the theater, stood on the street at Lincoln Center and said, “That’s it. We’re going to break through and do it by being as black as we want to be.” At that moment, I felt like if that wasn’t how [success for me] was going to happen, I wasn’t interested.

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Amanda was lit the entire time and never failed to give us that authentic her, bc she was quick to tell u NGMFU!! Tabernacle presented by Cricket Wireless - Atlanta The Amanda Seales experience, talks to the pysche on a different layer that just jokes and comedy. The game show theme and the audience interaction was brilliant.

Then, “Saturday Night Live” was looking for a negress and all these shows popped up in New York with people [hosting] black women in comedy showcases. Most of the time we’re being given platforms and then expected to speak about our [vagina]. For me, to be here less than a year and be on a hit show that is inspiring black people, black creatives, that's changing the climate of the black creative canon and to be a character that I really get to act in because she's the complete opposite of me, that's a crazy blessing ... [laughs] This is opportunity meets preparedness, because I’ve been grinding a really long time and I’ve been broke for a lot of years.

I randomly got a call for one of them and was on stage with Marina Franklin and Sasheer Zamata, who ended up getting the job, and all these women. My comedy is different in that it's rooted in social commentary and if I could just talk about racism and sexism and wack dating, that would be all I talk about. I may not have looked like it because if you're fly, you don't need a dollar. But I was riding hope as currency for a very long time. I want to be a multimedia mogul and be able to have work that exists in my voice across many platforms, to be able to do stand-up year-round globally.

I cannot wait for another show, next time I would love her to come to Savannah, bc that 4hr drive from ATL at 11pm when i had be at work at 7am was for the birds... Amanda, is able to excite your inner-child while still being able to talk intellectually to your so-called austere and mature wit.

Her performance is chalked full of sing alongs (Ni**as Got Me F'd Up) sung in one accord by everyone in the Tabernacle.

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