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The rapper is flying high in the charts, while Bey is beginning to take off with her Destiny's Child bandmates.There's no confirmed date for their first encounter, but in a 2007 interview Jay said he met Queen Bey "10 years ago" placing it in '97, while the popstar said she met him when she was 18 years old, putting it in 1999.Meanwhile, her rap superstar husband looked casual in comparison in denim and a green sweatshirt.The superstar couple sat with their backs to others at the private members club, with security pouncing on anyone who even looked their way.Though Beyoncé has stated she didn’t date anyone before marrying Jay-Z, rumors have circulated that she dabbled in dating some marginally famous men, including Sean Paul, with whom she recorded the song “Baby Boy” in 2003, and R&B singer Marques Houston, but she’s never said yes or no either way.When I’m at parties I like to play a game I call “Who Would Beyonce Date If Jay Z Didn’t Exist?

Days later though, Beyoncé begins her 'Formation World Tour' and dedicates the final song, 'Halo', to her "beautiful husband" Jay Z. July 2016: Jay Z and Beyoncé are still very much together as they watch Serena Williams at Wimbledon in London.

“Hov and Beyoncé were like, ‘Come out to eat with us,'” Mill explained. Hov and Beyonce like ‘Come eat with us.’ I’m like damn, I’m about to date Hov and Beyonce right now, this shit is incredible.'”He continued: “Hov got the playlist and he’s clicking through shit and ‘Back to Back’ come on by mistake while we’re at the table. Meek has demons, just like the rest of us – he just lets us in.” However, the record also appears to contain a homophobic slur against Tekashi 6ix9ine during a guest verse from Rick Ross.

Locke dated Bey for more than nine years, from the time they met at a youth church event until well after Bey already started hitting it big.”Who cheats on a woman as beautiful as Beyoncé?

”™ It’s important to note the question is specifically “didn’t exist,” not “died.” Obviously, if Jay-Z died, Beyoncé would have him cryogenically frozen and entombed in a Han Solo style relief mold made of solid gold while she enlisted illuminati shaman to resurrect his lost soul.

Meanwhile, the rest of us would have no idea that Hova had even passed, so seamlessly would the entire event between his death and ultimate resurrection be veiled behind a constant flow of color soaked, Blue Ivy starring photography on Bey’s Tumblr. When I’m at a party, stuck with a group of people whose conversation is stalling or who are just deathly boring, I simply ask, suddenly and loudly, “Who do you think Beyoncé would date if Jay Z didn’t exist?

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