When does lois and clark start dating pagdating ng panahon when the

Don't Shoot the Messenger 2Kb A short Tank Ending to the L&C Pilot Episode (for more information on TEs, check out the Tank Endings page at Annesplace.The Envelope 10Kb Just before disappearing on her yet again, Clark has given Lois permission to open an envelope of "blackmail material" that he had entrusted to her.Are they ready to start a relationship, or are there still unresolved issues with Superman?» Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace Nightmare on Hyperion Avenue 142Kb Jaxon escapes from the Metropolis Asylum for the Criminally Insane, planning on taking revenge on the pesky reporters who put him there.A baby left in Lois and Clark's house turns out to have family connections.But to keep the child -- and themselves -- safe, Lois and Clark must find a way to cure their Tempus problems for all time.The Arrest of Superman 9Kb Lois has a secret, Clark is busy, Metropolis is full of weirdness, and now they want to arrest Superman. Find out in this tongue-in-cheek response to Hazel's Plot Un-twist Challenge. The Cape of Good Hope 20Kb The story of a young man coming to terms with the death of his hero.Calamari Dreamin' 12Kb The challenge: Write a story including a list of random items. Chi, Beta 53Kb A fic in honor of Beta Reader Appreciation Day.

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Clark's Pet Peeve 3Kb Coming home from a date with Lois, Clark is surprised to find another woman waiting for him. The Discovery 1Kb A short scenario in which a mysterious villain deduces the secret identity of Superman.

Finally, we find out what Chloe’s meteor freak power is. I just want someone to explain to me exactly how it worked. When the episode ends of the two are still battling it out.

As the phantom Clark flies off, his face turns white and cracks — the birth of Bizarro Superman.

Superheroes Gotta Look Out For Each Other Too 90Kb Lois and Clark meet a very strange visitor to Metropolis. » Read the Writer's Showcase interview at Annesplace The Abuse of Power 7Kb Superman finds himself powerless at the hands of a "villain" he can never defeat. Between a Rock and a Hard Place 5Kb Lois and Clark talk about childhood pets, including Clark's troublesome pet rock. The Blueberry People 8Kb Clark tells a story to pass the time while making breakfast.

Alone at Last 5Kb A romantic dinner for two leads to a difficult decision and an important realization. Burning the Midnight Coffee 5Kb What would have happened if Wayne Irig had talked to the Kents before sending out his meteor sample for testing?

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