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A Brightening Horizon for Diversity in the Dispute Resolution Profession By Kimberly Taylor – March 05, 2019 Law firms, corporations, and legal departments should partner with ADR providers to bring more diversity to ADR. By Susan Tillotson Bunch – December 12, 2018 In this digital era, it is imperative to understand the threats to your data security and how to protect against them.

#Us Too: Be Part of the Legal Profession’s Positive Response to #Me Too By Carla Varriale – March 05, 2019 It is up to us to use our awareness to make positive strides in 2019 and beyond. By Nicole Moran – December 12, 2018 Centralized and distributed ledgers of market and financial data may allow for more efficient collection and analyses of crucial data in a variety of disputes. By Katrina Long – December 12, 2018 New developments, like the 21st Century Cures Act, and corresponding guidance from the FDA provide an initial road map to approach regulatory issues in the digital health age. Opinion: Technology in Practice Can Do More Harm Than Good By Julie Rising Bryan – December 12, 2018 We must ensure the quality of our profession doesn’t slip as we integrate new innovations into our practices.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Applying to Law School By Elizabeth Sher and Rachel Packer – June 21, 2018 Three tips for getting and staying on the path to the legal career you want.

Law and Teaching: A Primer By Carla Varriale – June 21, 2018 Teaching is a natural second (or, in my case, a concurrent) career to the practice of law.Berry – May 17, 2019 We can all add diverse neutrals to our personal rosters of “go-to” mediators we propose to opposing counsel.Oyez Us Roar: Reflections on the Diversity of Appellate Counsel By Ellen Robb – May 17, 2019 A look at the relative lack of women attorneys making oral arguments and tips to help women develop appellate practices.Gender Bias in the Legal Profession: Why It Exists and How to Overcome It By Angela Turiano – May 17, 2019 What women lawyers need is early intervention and supportive policies that will serve to eviscerate unconscious bias.Gender Diversity with Mediators, Arbitrators, and Expert Witnesses By Naomi M.

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