We are dating now korean drama

It is the third original Netflix Korean drama to be released on the service. ) is portraying that timpanist, also a member of an orchestra with average professional experience but is very passionate about music.

She happens to witness a gruesome murder and ends up losing her memories as a result.

The PD of ) is starring as a talented CEO and ex-husband of Park’s character who seems more interested in winning her heart again than running his company.

Both the director and writer of this show are relatively newbies in the industry.) is playing a genius lawyer who works with a greedy CEO in pursuing money and power.

The series will focus on her attempt to recover those memories with the help of Yeo Jin-goo’s character and the romance that blossoms between the two.

At the helm of its production is one of the PDs of last year, is playing the main character.

He also meets another student played by Shin Seung-ho who looks perfect on the surface but has a hidden inner dark side.

This nostalgic show is penned by the screenwriter of ) as a documentary film director who’s starting her own company without sufficient funds, and Han Ji-eun as a pretty and smart marketing team leader who has a cold personality.

The co-director of ) with whom she ends up having an extramarital affair.She was abandoned at an orphanage when she was a child but it didn’t let her turn into someone who’s furious at the universe just because life is unfair or something like that.And then enters a detective (Lee Sang-woo) who’s smart and handsome but is unable to fall in love with someone due to a trauma caused by the death of his parents.is one of those series with a sort of vague synopsis that gives you little to no idea about the exact story the drama is going to tell.What we know is that rookie and young actors Ong Seong-wu, Kim Hyang-gi, and Shin Seung-ho are playing the leads as 18-year-olds living their ordinary lives as immature and inexperienced individuals.

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