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Please remember this may delay your application as we may have to go to the post office to collect your paperwork and again to send it back.

If you are not confident in sending documents through the post then contact the committee via the registrations email address and they will try to arrange to inspect the original documents, this will mean we will arrange for you to travel to one of our nominated inspectors.

An extraordinary opportunity to give more value to your vehicle.

The cost for this service varies according to the type of certification requested and the data available in our archives.

might accept other proof of the manufacture date, for example a letter from the manufacturer or a vehicle enthusiast club. It can take up to 6 weeks for your registration certificate (V5C) to arrive.

With a wealth of mis-information in the market we understand buying a 40/50 year old Classic Scooter can be a complete Minefield.

You may be asked by the NCT for a dating certificate as well as other supporting documentation for your used imported Vespa at the point of registration Members qualify for up to two dating certificates per year but they are also available to non members on request and subject to a fee.

In order for us to provide a dating cert we will require the following information; Name Address and Contact phone of keeper Pencil rubbings of the engine and chassis number of the scooter Any other relevant info on the scooter 4 recent photographs of the scooter from various angles For further information on the registration process please use this link:https://

Once you have your evidence then you will also require: at the above address along with TWO photo copies of your evidence AND your original evidence.

I know it has been suggested in other publications that you could scan the original documents but unfortunately DVLA will not accept this as scans can be doctored. We understand that documents for the V765 scheme are better sent by .

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