Validating datagrid values Face to face sext chat

EG: The Most Important thing is to disable the Save button when the form is invalid.For this we had a static property in our view model named Errors.When I specify this as an external step it sees it fine and recognises the field.

To be honest, I know it's not elegant, but having multiple steps make it easier on a later time to open the transformation and understand at a glance what each step is doing. Hi Mick, Because it's a data cleaning exercise there's something wrong with at least one variable in almost every row.It does fine at checking for nulls, data types, max, min, and values that match an explicitly entered list.What doesn't work is the "Read Allowed Values from another step".We don't want to pull the notes, fix one field, return them and then have to get them back again for the next bad field.I can roll the fail streams from multiple validator blocks back together but it would be more elegant if I didn't have too.

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