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The judge resigned his post in Zambia to serve ISKCON temple in India.One of ISKCON predecessors had predicted that in the dawning of Lord Chaitanya's golden age judges would wear tilak and become devotees.On February 7, 2006, the Council of the District of Columbia adopted ceremonial resolution, in which it "recognized His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami Krishnapada for dedication to social change that has impacted civil and human rights for residents in the District of Columbia".the 410-page book is complete with full-color pictures, interviews with loved ones, and comprehensive Index. Rosen is senior editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies and associate editor of Back to Godhead, the magazine of the Hare Krishna movement.

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GCal, a computer program downloadable at calculates Gaudiya Vaishnava observances for any location on the planet according to the calculation standards determined by the GBC Body’s Vaishnava Calendar Committee.

The purpose of creating GCal was to try to eliminate such disagreements.” By clicking “Like” or “Follow” on the Krishna Days Facebook page, devotees will see posts on their wall reminding them of upcoming festivals, appearance and disappearance days, and Ekadasi fasts one to two days before the actual day.

The default time will be Sri Mayapur (West Bengal) time, although followers can find their own local time by downloading the GCAL app at

“The page will serve as a reminder of Ekadasi days and appearance days as well as a mood settler before the actual festival day, so that devotees can prepare their minds, similar to the adivas ceremonies,” says page admin Mangalavati Citra Dasi.

“The adivas ceremonies prepare the mind so that the soul can enter into the proper humble, grateful and prayerful mood, and connect nicely with the Lord on His appearance day.” She adds: “Another service the page will provide will be to ensure that the content on Facebook is inspiring and Krishna conscious.

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