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(More information about analytical techniques can be found in Advances in the Forensic Analysis and Dating of Writing Inks by Richard Brunelle and Kenneth Crawford (Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD; Springfield, IL, 2003)) 1.1.1.

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The influence of heat on the degradation process was found to be rather weak.

749, Central Research and Support Establishment, Home office Forensic Science Service, Aldermaston Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4PN Andrasko J,(2001) HPLC analysis of ballpoint pen inks stored at different conditions J Forensic Sci.

46(1): 21-30 Weyermann C., Kirsch D., Vera C.c., Spengler B. N.,( 2007) Development and Validation of a Gradient-HPLC-PDAD Method for the Identification of Ballpoint Pen Ink Components: Study of Their Decomposition on Aging for Forensic Science Applications, Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies 27(2) -235 Bugler J., Buchner H., (2008) Age Determination of Ballpoint ink by Thermal Desorption and gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, J.

Moreover, it is possible to analyze the dye from a stroke directly from the paper (LDI-MS), so the sample preparation is minimized.

The degradation of the dyes methyl violet and ethyl violet in strokes from a ballpoint pen was studied under laboratory conditions influenced by different factors such as light, wavelength of light, heat, and humidity.

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