Updating sprint prl ebook secrets of online dating pdf

You can also report a network issue via the Sprint website by going to the "Support" Drop Down Menu on the Sprint homepage and clicking "Network Feedback".If you're not already signed into your My Sprint Account, you'll be asked to login.You'll then be guided through submitting the network issue.

--Nat Sent from my SPH-D700 using Howard Forums Even my old Mogul would update automatically. Their system could flag accounts to update if they had old prls. My old LG Muziq feature phone would update automatically when Sprint pushed a PRL update to it. Its not like it is going to give you better sprint signal and/or speeds.

The phone should restart and upon turning back on it will give messages indicating that your phone is provisioning and updating the PRL.

Follow the on-screen instructions and after this is completed the phone should be activated and no other activation steps should be required.

I don't think they push every update to every customer, only those they deem critical.

In my Sprint days, I think they pushed 2 updates out of a possible 7 or 8.

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