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The images and fonts are stored in a theme.zip, which can be executed like a from the Homebrew Channel.

For a theme database and a "How to install" guide, check this page. As for 1.1.0, you can use your own True Type or Open Type fonts with The Homebrew Channel.

Press and the animated background will be the only thing visible, along with a score counter in the bottom right hand corner.

Place the hand cursor over any bubble and it will pop, spawning smaller bubbles and adding to the score counter. When you are done, press again to return to the list of applications.

If you've installed the Homebrew Channel then a Wii System Update could brick your Wii — one update was specifically designed to do so, with the side effect of bricking non-homebrewed Wiis as well.

But sometimes system updates contain updates for individual channels, and in some cases, as with the Shopping Channel, you cannot use that channel without the update. If you are running the final Wii OS version 4.3, then you probably shouldn't have to worry about system updates adversely affecting your Wii.

Although it may be a little unnerving to simply let an application do so much at once, most users report no difficulty with the massive updating effort, although the tool will also permit individual updates instead of a larger mass-update operation.

You need to page through each possible update, choosing the ones you want, and then eventually you'll reach a point where it will update them all.

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You can also remove the SD Card (and/or USB drive) to make more room on the screen.

If you're running something earlier, though, you'll need to update your platform.

To install channel updates without installing a system update you will need a homebrew application designed to update specific Wii Channels while avoiding a system update.

If you have an older version of the Homebrew Channel or another means of executing unsigned code, you can use the auto update function to install the latest version.

In order to make an application appear in the Homebrew Channel, the following steps must be taken: Now the application will appear in the Homebrew Channel.

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