Updating ipfilter dat

For example, Disney is on the list of IPs that are filtered: You can change the settings under Options Filter level. So I am leaving it up to you users of these lists to harass whoever makes the lists you use (I got no idea).

This change will obviously only affect the filter that I compile. I can vouch that it's not a malicious ISP, if there's actual spyware hosted at it and you have proof, report it to me instead of blocking the whole thing.

As for the truebluerover file that you posted, I just need to download that and it contains an that I can use with u Torrent or e Mule?

You're saying that if I were a donator, I'd be producing a different (more up to date) ipfilter.dat?

If I stuck with the servers from emule security and didn't even bother with an ip filter, what's the worse that could happen? Firstly 'Emule security' is just the name of a server. Will, unless you are paying for a subscription to Peerblock, you only get one weekly update because of the bandwidth flow on the site. Well I am not really pissed, cause it's happened too many times before, I am used it to it.

The worst that could happen is you are arrested for copyright infringement. The IP filters basically stop the companies filing a complaint against you to your ISP. But I also can't be arsed to follow it up once again, especially seems like this time they blocked the servers' ISP on purpose (I have worked with them since 2009 and how that would make sense i got no idea).

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