Updating homes for resale

For severely cluttered residences, or if you’re downsizing and need help winnowing your possessions, consider hiring a professional organizer.Check the location-based member directory on the website of the National Association of Professional Organizers.Miller points out that people who don’t keep up on needed repairs end up spending the most when it comes time to prepare a home for sale.“It’s remarkable what regular home maintenance, cleanliness, and minimizing clutter in your everyday life can do for you when it comes time to sell.” She also notes that staging a home is “If it’s dirty, it will not sell — even if it’s a great place,” says Kathy Partak, a realtor with Select Estate Properties in Auburn, CA.“It pays to enhance it.” But if your staging budget doesn’t include the outdoors, Partak suggests making the most of the walk from the car to the entry.“Make it look nice from the curb with some easy potted or planted flowers to trim the walkway.” The details that you may believe are insignificant can turn out to be major selling points for your home.And when it comes to open houses and showings, Irving suggests you “absent yourself” because sellers can sometimes get in the way of a sale by taking things too personally.

“Wash your windows, replace compact fluorescent bulbs with incandescent or halogen, and remove or minimize personal photographs,” he says.If you have a small budget, Partak suggests upgrading to energy-efficient windows, and adding new appliances in the kitchen.“These are always the things that bring in more money.” Don’t forget two of the the most important rooms in your home: the kitchen and bathroom.Vital to the process is de-cluttering and depersonalizing the space as much as possible.Buyers will have a hard time imagining themselves in your home if it’s filled with family photos and other personal effects.

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