Updating deers information

When you or your military family member is Medicare-eligible, your DEERS status must be updated to reflect MEDICARE Part A and B in order for you to retain your TRICARE coverage.

When you turn 65, the medical section of your military ID card may also need to be updated.

Our medical information systems are populated from the information in DEERS.

So, incorrect addresses and phone numbers can lead to difficulties for your doctors and nurses in contacting you, to relay important health information, or for our appointment reminder system to work properly.

Why am I receiving an IDCO error message regarding a compatibility conflict that exists between my 32-bit and 64-bit desktop installations?

To delete certificates: Return to Top If the server connection fails during the updating of email address and certificates or during the adding of certificates or applications, the DNS of the site may be unable to resolve the following names, in which case, you should take the following steps: If you are accessing IDCO from behind a proxy server, the synchronization step will fail.

Changes that impact the status of your military family include marriage, birth, divorce, or death, and each event must be reported to DEERS in order that your TRICARE eligibility can be maintained.

Updating your DEERS information helps your healthcare team continue to provide the best medical care to all of our past, present and future heroes.

You must first return to a RAPIDS location, obtain a new CAC, and then you can use IDCO to update your PKI Certificates or add a PCC.

-- Whatever your military status; active duty, Reservist, retired or dependent, your registration in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System is an integral part for many aspects of military life and especially necessary with respect to establishing your TRICARE eligibility.

But did you know that not updating DEERS hinders your healthcare team's ability to contact you?

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