Updating contacts in outlook 2016

For the sake of this explanation, “existing contact folders” refers to those that are automatically created when configuring email accounts.

When there is a mixture of multiple Outlook.com/Exchange accounts along side POP3/IMAP accounts, there would be multiple contact folders in the profile.

Where thousands of contacts are involved, using the default (primary) contact folder for important contacts and another folder for secondary contacts may well be worth considering if sync’ing across devices is involved.

Most of the professionals today have Microsoft Outlook as their center of the workflow.

In the cases where there multiple Outlook.com/Exchange folders exist, the key decision that needs to be made about where contacts are to be created, depends on things like In a nutshell, if all the Outlook.com/Exchange accounts are specific to you alone AND you are going to configure all of the accounts on all of your devices, then it would be well advised that you restrict the creation of contacts to only one contact folder for ease of access and management.

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While there is no single right or wrong answer, some approaches are better then others depending on individual requirements.Outlook.com/Exchange accounts will always contain contact folders for each account but that wouldn’t change the default contact folder designated for the profile if one already exists.The significance of the “default contact folder” is that this is the location where any new contact is created by default (i.e. This is also the location where a new contact is saved if a specific contact folder is not selected first.The significant difference between the two is that contacts created in any contact folder in an Outlook.com/Exchange account can be shared across multiple devices whereas a contact folder in a PST file or an OL’2013/’2016 OST file with the description of “This Computer Only” are local to that specific computer.Sharing contacts contained in the latter would require 3rd party software to sync these contacts with a another device on a “computer to device” basis, or in other words, the 2nd device must be connected to the computer from which the contacts are being shared.

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