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Further as trusted CA certs become compromised they are revoked and should be removed from the cacerts file, the entire system of trust gets eroded if this file is not kept up to date.Test Other HTTP Clients Before you get too far down the rabbit hole you should make sure that you are indeed dealing with a java problem.If the Java Key Store does not trust the callback certificate from the Web Interface, the connection fails.In this scenario, you must update the Java Key Store.Before we get into all the details I'll start off by saying that the old advice to import the domain's certificate into cacerts is almost always the keystore file you are telling java that this certificate is a trusted certificate authority.

Test other http clients to make sure it is really a java problem.

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TLDR: Most java HTTPS connection problems can be fixed by updating the JVM.

These days must CA's use an intermediate certificate, so they sign a sub CA certificate which then signs certificates for their customers.

This approach allows the CA to revoke an intermediate certificate if it becomes compromised but they can just generate a new intermediate off the very valuable root certificate. is really good at debugging, and explaining in more detail.

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