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As a young man who is three-quarters Native American, I stand with one hand holding a wooden staff touching the land and the history, and another on a keyboard working towards a better future for all.

I see not just the pictures, but also between the spaces, and my heart feels the distinguished beats of my heritage, and the knowledge of the suffering and loss that my people have faced and continue to face.

” Once again, diversity comes into play with the answer to this question.

The greatest lie the Natives ever told was that they just smoked tobacco in the pipes.

This land had roads that carried materials, stories, and knowledge that connected the peoples of this land to one another.

We lived, we breathed, we fought, we loved, we made mistakes and we grew as a part of the earth.Yet they lived differently and destructively, as they came to take us off our lands and shuffle us together like garbage into some of the harshest places where people already lived.They thrived but now had to compete for the substances that keep people living and spiritually alive.Claiming this is a true representation of Native Americans is like saying all white people wear Dutch wood shoes.Not all tribes use pipes, though most do in some fashion.

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