Teens and safe dating

However, we found reports indicating that older folks may log in and interact with minors.

Hence, the question now: Is Allo Talk really what it claims to be?

Other users may like, dislike, or comment on your status. This portion consists of all news from the administrators.

The site aims to keep everyone updated about any change they make. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, you can use it to reach out to the administrators.

Allo Talk is a relatively new social and messaging app designed for teens (13 to 19 years old).

It is primarily a chat site with fewer functions and features than most social media platforms nowadays, but definitely one with more services than other chat sites of the same kind.

Flirt Room This is the chat room for those who are looking for either a serious date or a quick fling.

The moderators claim that this room is highly monitored.

They have a special room for teens who are part of the LGBT community. Staff Room The Staff Room is solely for moderators.

The Search feature allows you to look for other members based on username, gender, activity, and rank.

You can also search for the newest and most active members.

As a user, you may not enter this chatroom even if you are a VIP.

Quiz Room You can enter this chat room to play and earn points.

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