Teenagers and dating

If someone is ‘grafting’ your teen then they never quite know if they are their girlfriend/boyfriend and can feel very insecure.

After watching three daughters navigate the murky waters of teen relationships and dating in the 21st century, here’s what I want dating teens to know: No really, you are my world. I once worked for an awe-inspiring salesman and he taught me a lesson I wish I had learned when I was 15 years old: Ask for what you want. If someone isn’t listening to you or believing in you, see them for who they are and be on your way. As a mom, I may have misguided you here because my world did indeed revolve around you for a very long time, and it still kind of does, but I try not to show it. When you’re the one who changes your mind and you fall out of love with someone first, remember this pain and be gentle with your now ex-partner (see #5). Whether you initiate the breakup or your partner does, it’s painful.It also makes it clear that teenage dating in the digital world brings a whole new level of complexity and confusion for our teens.As parents we can all remember how exciting it was when you thought a boy or girl you liked showed some interest.If only there was a magic switch that meant your child could go from nappies to being toilet trained in an instant.As you embark on your journey from nappies to pants we’ve put together some top tips to help.

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