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But the married life of the actors was not very happy.During the years of their marriage, Téa and David broke up several times but then they got back together.Five years later, Duchovny saw Leoni on the cover of the magazine.

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It seemed that nothing marred the life of this couple. Unlike other Hollywood stars, Leoni is not found on the social network "Instagram." But the woman puts records and a photo on officially verified "Twitter." She draws the attention of subscribers to global problems in other countries: Syria and Bangladesh. In March 2017, the series Madam Secretary was extended for four seasons.Then romance arose but David admitted later that Téa Leoni seemed so light and airy that eclipsed the actor, causing hatred.As a result, the girl was taken into the project and the actor was left behind.The young artist played on the same stage with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis.After the release of this movie, Téa Leoni felt the taste of glory. She starred in several series that were popular with the audience. In 1995, fans of Téa saw their darling as a presenter of the favorite show.

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