Talk dating emails

he is furious that i would not believe him yesterday as i was sure he had actually been chatting with girls, he actually told me to leave at one point.

The thing is he is not very adventurous in bed and has never talked dirty to me!!

Someone has signed him up as a joke (unlikely) yeah he tried to say that someone had signed him up but that did not work with me!

its the fact that its chat sites that hurts more, and for local girls so he must of put his post code in tooi have even signed myself upto the latest one and tried to search for him under all the names i can think of but cant find him and then unsubscribed and ill see what junk mail i get?

And if he has been on something for whatever reason he knows now that it really really upsets me and makes me feel so inadequate and threatened that if he does love me like he says he does and has any respect for me he will not do this again, although i know he has figured out how to do private browsing so he can get away with it if he really wants to.

does other peoples dp's or dh's get these emails do they mean nothing?please help x just thought, he sometimes gets dirty emails from his friend could that somehow then make him get emails from other sites, it worries me they are all about chatting, meeting,etc not just plain old porn.I get about 10 porn emails a day into my hotmail account. I assure you I have never signed up to a porn site.thanks victoria im really trying to see sence on this...Hi I have sympathy with you on this as im not sure about something i found in DP's history and am probably going to confront him today!

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