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This content is available customized for our international audience. Just a few months later in September, Williams and Ledger ended their three year relationship.During their time on the movie - which Jonze produced - Williams was still dating Ledger, while he has been romantically linked to Drew Barrymore.There are no princes here.” And I was like, “That’s exactly right, honey. There are no princes.” Look, I don’t go to bed alone. But I’m still alone, just as I came into this world and just like I’ll leave this world.And so, things, like success, they are more passing than a lasting part of you. I suppose the most compelling quality is when somebody is really living in their own skin.They weren’t married but were sharing custody of Matilda, then a toddler.Since the tragedy, Williams has refused to talk about Ledger, maintaining a respectful silence. Williams has always been the most private and least forthcoming all of Hollywood stars.

Suddenly, she was caught up in the hysteria surrounding his death, being the mother of his only child.

And if she’s interested in acting, then, I’ll do everything that I can to support her, but I would hope that she waits until she’s an adult to make that decision.

But I also need and want certain things out of my career that demand I assume a more public voice.

Recently, the 37-year-old actress was again thrust into the limelight when it was revealed she was paid 1% of the million dollars her co-star Mark Wahlberg received for the re-shoots of , necessitated by Kevin Spacey having to be replaced by Christopher Plummer.

Williams received a Golden Globe nomination for her work, but Wahlberg didn’t, although soon after the salary controversy he donated his fee to the #Me Too Movement that has exposed sexual harassment in Hollywood.

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