South of nowhere 1x06 girls guide to dating

It was the first series on The N to deal with such a subject relating to the primary characters, and the first television show ever to have non-heterosexual teenagers as the top-billed characters.

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" and then Sean begins talking, watch closely above his head.The friendship groups argue over who would be more likely to cause the lockdown but are quickly caught reminiscing about back in the days when they were all younger and friends, leading the argument to end and the friendship groups to relax.Sadly after the lockdown ends, things are back to their usual way as the groups appear to be once again hostile.Before Spencer can come to a conclusion to her sexual identity, Ashley interrupts and goes to hang out with a couple of surfer boys who claim they're from Hawaii.Soon after this Spencer, frustrated by Ashley's lack of interest in her big decision, storms off and leaves.

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