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The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) is a special forces unit of the Republic of Singapore Navy, and is regularly tasked with salvage operations, underwater mine demolition, commando and frogman-type warfare.The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) began with the British government's directive to withdraw her forces east of the Suez in 1971.Perfect eyesight is a requirement, which explains the absence of people wearing spectacles in NDU, and tip-top health condition, not suffering from any chronic illnesses that might jeopardise their training, such as asthma.The selected few will then undergo a battery of tests that include water confidence in a chamber and psychological evaluation.

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In the Specialist Career Path, trainees will go through Combat Advanced Skills Training for a month, training in basic land combat and building up physical fitness.

During the primary stage of selection physical fitness results and medical records are evaluated.

Thereafter, an aptitude test is conducted by Applied Behavioral Sciences Department (ABSD) to gauge the recruit.

After basic training, trainees will go through a 4 months Combat Diver Course, which is divided into four phases: Physical Phase, Diving Phase, Land Combat Training and Shipboard Competency.

Trainees will go through "Team Building Week", or otherwise known as "Hell Week", where divers are pushed to their ultimate limits physically and mentally.

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