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The implications of social media can be great when you do not feel like you know someone well enough, yet.One night, you are browsing the Facebook profile of someone you have recently gone on a few dates with and they post a very strong status preaching their disdain for the public’s obsession with The Walking Dead and, in fact, anything to do with zombies. You watch this show religiously, have seen every episode, and take great personal offense to the status.Instead of reading into every comment that her or she made on the date last night you also begin overanalyzing each comment on your Facebook wall and every “liked” photo.You begin asking yourself “is their updated Facebook status referring to me? ” Don’t put yourself through this misery and wait to add someone on Facebook until you are sure about where the relationship is and where it is headed.The post sounds flirty and alludes to the fact that there is someone else interested in them, too.You’re face becomes hot with jealously and anger, and you immediately send a questioning text to your new love interest demanding an explanation.The last thing you need is for your new love interest to browse pictures of your family’s Thanksgiving dinner and comment on how tasty your mom’s pecan pie looks.By adding someone on Facebook, you are essentially opening the door to your personal life and everyone in it.

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The problem with this is that emotions, feelings, and personalities can get misconstrued and miscommunicated.Religious beliefs, political stances, and personal life views are all important topics of conversation between two people that are dating.However, these issues need to be talked about in person, not exchanged over Facebook.Don’t give someone access to your Facebook profile before you’re ready to give them admittance.Doing so serves as a “cyber-introduction” to everyone important in your life.

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