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Another way that people would find hookups before the advent of the internet was by placing personal ads in the backs of their local newspapers.

Alongside postage stamp sized ads about selling an old Ford truck that had a little bit of rust, but ran just fine, were tiny blocks of text where people would attempt to describe themselves and what they were looking for in a partner in as concise a manner as possible, because classified ads were paid for by the word.

The discussion wasn't as captivating as we'd hoped, and the other singles were not as hot as advertised.

That's why we've put in a little extra work and found a huge collection of that we think you'll want to check out, based on your interests (all carefully categorized near the bottom of this page), and present Instant's Best Hookup Forum Directory The directory is down by the bottom if we're boring you.

Sites like J-date are incredibly popular, but also because the information that companies have based on research, they're able to adjust the prices they charge based on what group of people they're servicing.

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It might be the exact same service, just with a few pictures swapped out for people in different styles of clothes, but it's all a part of the fascinating online dating industry.We love message boards though, so want to examine them a bit.How did people who were into the same thing connect back before the internet?In the UK, personal ads were known as the lonely hearts column, but in America, classified ads were huge business for newspaper publishers.In 2003, it's estimated that newspapers were pulling in close to billion in classified ad revenue.

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