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If an individual is located in Melaka or Ipoh, they would need to go to BNM’s HQ to print their reports.Alternative way to do CCRIS check online and resolve CCRIS problems, without stepping out from your house or office - get your CCRIS report in 30 minutes even during non-office hours, weekends or public holidays.1a. Pay RM 19.90 using Jom PAY via your online banking - Biller Code: 392222.In practical, issue crops up impacting consumer when the banks are delayed in updating their customers’ credit facility records to the CCRIS in a timely manner, despite the fact that the banks are supposed to do so on the 15th of each month.Banks do have problems with their core banking systems (breakdowns, delay, heavy traffic, unable to close the end-of-month due to adjustments in accounts, etc) so there may be reporting delays.Step 1: Type in BNM CCRIS [e-mail address] in the textbox, then Send SMS to 15888.

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How does bank define loan repayment due which appears in CCRIS report?

In other words, your eligibility for loan has nothing to do with how well you know your banker (although that *might help? The Credit Bureau is legally empowered to collect credit information about you from these financial institutions.

However, the Credit Bureau simply reports and does not "judge" your creditworthiness.

As CCRIS is a report for 12 month period, the 6 months in arrears records will only 'disappear' in February 2016 (12 months later).

You just cannot erase or request to clear it before that, as it is a rolling report.

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