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Missy begged me to keep pounding as she had one anal orgasm after another. This woman had such an incredible body I could not keep my hands off of her.

This is an adult sex story between two consulting adults. I was in Seattle, Washington at Boeing Field, ready to depart for Burbank Airport. It was my hard cock, my tongue, lips, teeth, mouth, and my hands and fingers versus her mouth, teeth, lips, throat, breasts, ass, pussy, hands and fingers.With that the pilot winked and I knew that she knew what would be taking place in the passenger compartment of the plane.I thanked her for her discretion and went up the steps of the plane to find Missy waiting for me. She was standing just inside the cabin, greeting me with "I remember wearing it just for you Jack; I wanted to make a good impression on you.Grabbing my cock with my right hand I targeted her small hole and pushed forward, penetrating her rosebud as she gasped at the intrusion but she followed up by reaching back, spreading her cheeks to improve my access. Some of the pain was from the hair pulling, which I think she rather enjoyed, but the rest of it came from a very hard cock, my very hard cock, up her tight and slick back passage.Even though this was the third time I had plowed that fallowed field, her rosebud, in less than a few hours, it was still very nice and still very tight for me.

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