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THE BEST place to live in Britain has been revealed in a new Channel 4 show fronted by Sarah Beeny. Sarah looked at several factors, including affordable housing, jobs, business, wellbeing, and culture to transport and family life and compiled a list of the top 50.

The property guru travelled across the country looking at every type of community, from the big cities to the chocolate box villages, to find the best places for young people and those looking to start a new life. South Ribble – where Leyland is the biggest town – scored highly across the board for all the factors, including wages and job opportunities.

It's just one of the little nuggets of truth the presenter and homes guru throws into the conversation when talking about Property Ladder.

The main reason is the unusual conversions which make up many of the renovation projects.

"That's what's really impressive about some people, they manage to do it all. Profit in itself isn't really that enjoyable, making the profit is the enjoyable part.

Most people, even those who deal in money, have to enjoy the dealing, otherwise it doesn't mean much and it's painful earning it." She continues enthusiastically: "I'm just excited to have such good shows coming out.

"Vaughan, being a carpenter, said he was going to do it all himself, and I thought 'yeah, right' because I'm always sceptical of people doing that.

"He did, however, do it all himself and I'm amazed.

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