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Later, though, Yuki tries to send out Shuichi, maybe he Is afraid that Shuichi might go into trouble by being by his side.

Shuichi thinks that Yoki doesn't want a homosexual relation and so he dresses up a girlish-looking sailor suit (quite logical)--Track 8- Song and Song Taki tries again to stop the rise to the success of the Bad Luck going to Yuki's house, but he doesn't get anything.

Even Ryuichi changes his behavior, becoming cold and Impassible.

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Sakano (their manager) Is fired, but only to become the Bad Luck's producer.--Track 4- Wave Shock The troublesome story of Yuki and Shuichi continues when Shuichi decides to go to live with Yuki. The prize Is the chance to play their new song on air.

Track 5- Winding Road In this episode Ayaka, Yuki's fiance, is introduced.

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