Rules of christian dating

Some people list down their Christian values, and they end up compromising them especially if they are dating non-Christian.Now, once you have the list avoid being legalistic.You don’t have to interview the person during your first date just to see if they meet all of your requirements.The reason behind this is because the list will serve as your dating framework.Also, some Christians prefer not getting married for different reasons.Don’t get pressured just because your friends are getting married or because your family is pressuring both of you.Of course, at the beginning of the dating period, your mind is not yet in the stage of marriage.This is fine, but when the time comes that you think you’re ready, then letting the person know about it would be best.

This is very important and should be followed no matter what.

The reason behind this is because the community will be the one to speak for your relationship.

Always put in mind that when you’re in a relationship, getting your feelings deceived can be a problem.

Some are quite difficult to comply with, including to the only date in groups or no kissing before getting married.

If you are someone who is a part of the Christian community or you know someone who is in one, you probably know these rules as well.

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