Rory culkin dating emma roberts

“But I want to have other things I can talk about and be interested in.” (She figures herself for an English major.) Still, Roberts admits, Hollywood stops for no one.“It’s so hard to gauge what’s worth doing in order to go to college, you know?“Music can do that, too, but it’s another art form, you know what I mean? Whereas boxing is just like, I wanna kick some ass and get my ass kicked.It’s awesome.” Given the level of thought Culkin puts into his roles, you can understand why leaving his brain at the door for a couple of hours every week might be appealing.“They’re great kids,” says Craven, a man who knows about great kids—he once cast a young Johnny Depp in jokes that she came out here with me for a vacation and 20 years went by.” That’s how Emma Roberts explains her move from Rhinebeck, New York, to Los Angeles, where the 20-year-old has spent more than half her life in front of the camera.She became interested in acting as a little kid while visiting her aunt Julia on film sets; Roberts even had an uncredited role as an extra in .

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Culkin speaks with disarming honesty but avoids eye contact, as though talking about himself were somehow an embarrassment; Roberts exudes a politician’s intensity, gazing straight at you as she sells the point she’s making.(“I’m 5’2” on a good day,” Roberts admits with a laugh.) “But when she came in and read, she just knocked it out of the park. I said, ‘Look at that power, Bob.’ He came around.” That passion is also on display in , a lower profile movie (Fox Searchlight is releasing it) out this summer, in which Roberts plays a New York City prep-school student in a unique relationship with a troubled classmate, George, played by Freddie Highmore (read about him on page 147). “People like to make rules for actors: ‘They can do this, but they can’t do that,’” she says. And the fact that she just thought, I’m gonna let loose and do this—that’s so cool.” “Emma’s been really, really clever about how she’s moving forward in her career,” says ’s director, Gavin Wiesen.“Or they like to put them in a box: ‘She’s only gonna do romantic comedies.’ I always think it’s fun when you see people that do totally different things. “I don’t even categorize her amongst the other actresses her age who are sort of growing up in front of us. On our set, which couldn’t have been lower-budget, she’d be sitting in whatever chair she could find reading or cracking up all the crew members.You don’t need to be doing this, but I’ll send you on an audition so you can see how it is and it’ll shut you up.’ So I go to the audition and they come out and they’re like, ‘Where’s your mom?’ She was outside on the phone just not even paying attention. It was the calm before the storm: getting to work, but not having to deal with so much of the pressure.” In spite of the difficulties some of her peers have faced, Roberts says that the segue from kids’ stuff to adult fare is simpler than it might seem.

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