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Her ultimate goal is to help people build a healthier, happier and stronger relationship.

Literally, Text Chemistry is like carrying a relationship coach in your pocket at all times guiding you towards the right path to a successful relationship.

It addresses even the most minor issues – How long do you need to wait before replying to a message? When to send emoji and which should be the appropriate one? And everything else that goes inside the mind of a woman when texting her man.

The best part about this book is that it teaches the reader to develop their thought process in a way that does not bring out any form of selfishness or exaggeration.

If you are shy to talk to your man over the phone, this section will definitely help you to take the right approach towards continuous communication.

Get a burst of excitement in your man’s heart by improving the quality and techniques of your text message. Applying the text messaging techniques when chatting with the man of your dream you will be able to create a long-lasting effect on his mind from the very first conversation.

It becomes even more difficult if it’s a long-distance relationship.

It simplifies the task of finding love in this digital world by incorporating feelings of love, care, affection and desire through textual communication.Reviving a previous relationship sometimes makes sense, and this portion of the guide will teach exactly how to get back your ex.Although this might seem a bit complex but following the mentioned guidelines will help you to complete the process smoothly.Having sexual chemistry with your partner is great, but in this modern era, textual chemistry is just as important.You must have come across couples who are so head over heels in their relationship that they cannot stay without each other for a moment.

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