Renee zellweger dating history

While other sources state that two split due to the age gap and Bradley wanting to start a family while Suki was not ready.At last, the girl who stole Bradley Cooper’s heart and seems to be the one who will hold onto it forever.In December 2000, Zellweger and Carrey's publicists confirmed their split saying that the couple "wanted different things". The rockstar frontman of The White Stripes swept her off her feet in Romania on the set of civil war epic He'd been commissioned to write music for the show and also played Zellweger's husband.

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1990s-2000 Carrey was romantically involved with Laurie Holden, January Jones and Annie Bing.In October of that year, the couple was engaged, not long after the two had a winter wedding.By May of 2007, she had filed for the summer following Zellweger’s divorce from country singer Kenny Chesney.But it’s not just her career that’s had its ups and downs, Zellweger has also had a few very public and very rocky romances."She told him she wasn't going to hang around as his girlfriend unless he promised to marry her within a year," a source told the publication.The source revealed that he did indeed propose, but the relationship wasn't smooth sailing due to his bipolar disorder and her temper."Renee also wants kids but Jim has a teenage daughter by his first wife Melissa and he's in no rush to have any more children," the source said.

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