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hornymom4u:son iam wearing a sari yu told me in the morning na how you like women wearing saris.

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Dont know what went through her mind but she asked me if instead of leaving each other alone and wondering if our mom/son can do anything would I like spending some more time chatting with her and I jumped and said yes but said that my mom is expected anytime and if she comes then Ill have to log off.

There was a small hitch , we had only one computer and only one web cam at home so it was no way that both of us could log in at the same time.

So I went to a friends place who had gone out of town with his parents and I had a key to his room and logged in from there.

I told my online mom that my mom called and told me she couldnt be back for few more hours and we got time for each other as much as we want.

This time instead of doing roleplay/cyber sex/virtual sex we both decided to talk a bit and give each other a peep into our personal lifes and take advices from one another on how to make our respective family members come to us and have sex with us.

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