Raf pilots dating

Small numbers of cards can be copied for postal enquirers, but please note that demand for this service is high and it may be necessary to limit the number of records copied.

Air Ministry Form 78 was used to record the allocation of an aircraft to units, and the dates on which damage was sustained and repaired.

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) was founded by a group of Montana pilots who realized that the threat of recreational airstrip closure was of national concern.

They also recognized that there was the need for a unified effort by pilots everywhere to protect public recreational opportunities.

There is no other source of such records - RAF practice is to destroy such records shortly after the aircraft is struck off charge.The original cards - mainly dating from 1929 onwards, although a few have survived from 1919 - are held by the Air Historical Branch, and the RAF Museum has microfilm copies.Bomber Command created a card for each aircraft that failed to return from an operational flight, and these were then used to try to identify ways in which losses could be reduced.There are no equivalent records for other Commands.The Museum has a small number of aircraft servicing records (RAF Form 700) mostly relating to aircraft in its collection.

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