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In general they like a unisex style: jeans, sneakers, sports jacket, dark coat.

They do not worry about their waist, they never give up eating cakes, are often visitors of the fast-food cafe.

Her father's work involves performing, writing scripts and doing voice-overs for commercials.

He appears in one of her films, An American Haunting, as one of the guests in the Christmas party scene towards the beginning of the film.

By the nature the girls are confident in themselves, really ambitious, even self-sufficient.

She moved into her own house in London just before her 21st birthday.

Rachel made her first film appearance in 2003 in Peter Pan as Wendy Darling.

Hurd-Wood first appeared in news show Cinema 3 in 2014 as herself.

She gave up on the idea when she discovered that it would require studying science because she thought she was not very good at it.

She became interested in working with children who have special needs or disabilities.

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