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Vernon presents The Shepherds Connection, a networking and partnership alliance for male and female senior pastors and was designed to meet the spiritual needs of senior pastors and their spouses and to help them achieve their maximum potential for the kingdom of God.

As if love, sex, and relationships weren't already complex enough, the arrival of social media has further complicated matters, rewiring our brains to blur boundaries, building barriers to true intimacy, and supplanting--not supplementing--interpersonal communication. Vernon reminds us of just how reassuring this is in this revised version of his original 10 Rules. Vernon's Ten Rules of Dating in the Social Media Age.

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After a day of roller bladding, running around and catching up on weekly chores, i was ready for a great end to long day.

Vernon has enjoyed a prolific, storied career in pastoring, but consciously chooses to never stop growing personally or vocationally. Vernon knows the importance of mentorship and founded The Shepherds Connection, a group of about 300 senior pastors around the nation he provides creative leadership, guidance, and spiritual direction to.

With over 25 years in ministry and nearly two decades in the pastorate, Dr. Vernon is married to First Lady Victory Vernon and they have five children.

He builds the word church and now it is a multi site church with 4 campuses and 14 services.

About 290 or above senior pastors are works for this foundation.

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