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I have a number of them I admit, but the info I got here was more relevant to my experiences. Did not feel to her as though I was asking her on a date. Took her to a place where I had "social proof" and controlled the situation.Romantic authentic Italian place - good conversation starter to talk about my place in Italy and my world travel and my gourmet cooking skills without sounding like I'm trying to impress her. I had the whole bs thing planned about what to say... then I talked about the nerve endings in the head and showed her how head massage works...It's no exaggeration to say that by the time you're finished with this, you'll start to realize how 'easy' women will be when you've learned how Negotiators use psychological techniques to build bonds, gain trust, and maneuver the interaction towards the results In this video instruction series, you'll have a front-row seat at an actual Mack Tactics seminar in Las Vegas, taught by one of the nation's best Hostage Negotiators who shows how his techniques are applied to dating as it explains his entire system and provides as he lays down his complete arsenal of tactics for meeting and scoring with women in virtually any situation ... Tactics for the past three years and have nothing but praise for his work and his personal character. I truly want to help you meet and get more great women.from the opening approach, to capturing her interest, creating subconscious sexual attraction, and closing the deal. It'll teach you how to not only meet girls on the Internet (which anyone can do), but connect with them in a powerful way that makes them want to move the relationship into the "real world" as soon as possible. As you can see, this guy's no bull, he's as REAL as it can ever get and with the monstrous-sized of materials he's practically shoving at you here, there's absolutely NO FREAKIN' WAY you'll be able to fail at getting the women you want. I get emails every day from guys who are using these materials to improve their success in the dating world, and I want to help you too.Asking her to my sailboat for an afternoon sail then seemed more natural. That lead to mind-blowing sex, and then a follow up e-mail from her saying she liked it best "raunchy and hard when you bent me over the table - I am really attracted to you.(I know, having a sailboat's kind of an unfair advantage, but stay with me here). I must see you much more often." This from a girl who seems sooooo proper and uptight in the office. I'm sure you don't need to hear this, but never underestimate the significance and importance of what you do.Thanks man I'll never under-estimate the power of words ever again. Your materials are as always eye-opening." ~~ Fabian W, Designer, Milwaukee "Talk about value for money! Guys, for those of you, whom like me previously had problems with getting a woman to (really) open up and reveal herself to you, you must download and listen to this, it's a very to-the-point recording and to me it's super insightful. But yeah, I've never really realized how my own 'words' were actually affecting my own game, was too caught up with the other so-called bigger, more 'important' stuff but I've learnt that mastering the power of words ALONE, plays a BIG part in the game! Im pretty good looking actually, according to what my friends tell me., that is hehe.

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For the price Ive paid, this is seriously WAY BETTER than all the other expensive home study DVDs out there! Guys, it all came together this week, and it was magnificent. Super hot, head-turning 24 year old secretary in my lawfirm. Started by taking her to lunch to talk about her career aspirations.Things such as: Youll get to see first-hand how he does it his in-depth insights, scorching red-hot techniques & REAL WORLD experiences work so well, it'll easily throw the 10s, 9s & 8s off their pedestals & have them begging for "I almost never give my endorsement to other authors in the dating field, because I think most are just teaching 'lines' and 'routines' that aren't going to help you in real-life situations. The worst that can happen is you get to put these techniques to work for you for two full months, and still walk away with ALL the FIVE special bonuses (worth 9.85) Ive thrown in... Tactics, and the day I purchased the program I could not stop reading and watching the videos until I was finished. Tactics is an explosion of fresh ideas and insights into what women truly desire, and how to make them pursue YOU instead of playing their game. Tactics, I would have thought a girl as hot as her was 'out of my league.' Now, my options are limitless." ~~ Anthony, Miami, FL "Simon, EXCELLENT stuff. Wished I could have this YEARS before could've saved me much depression and embarrassment then but who cares, at least I'm getting MY SHARE of options with women right now hehe.. " ~~ Windsor, OC "Simon, Loved your newsletters but this is way better! I used to be pretty bothered by how I was actually getting the results I wanted especially with the women I LIKED. I got this girl out on a date (took the time to practice my word phrases beforehand) and whatdayaknow??!! Thanks simon, couldn't have done it with your advice and materials. " ~~ Aiden J, New Hampshire "Dave my man, Yeah I've heard of Dean before, he had a book written with Carlos Xuma before right?Others are 'pretty boys' who have no game and just rely on their looks and a cocky attitude. You already know it: If you don't take action now, you will NEVER get what you want with women... I just wish I had this information when I was younger! The Hostage Negotiator techniques take it to a mindblowing level. I'm wondering why I've never heard of Dean before??!! Anyway I could tell that he's the real deal, he speaks fast, and his words... I'm sure it'll be quite a spectacle to see how he games women one-on-one. I've never really been able to 'penetrate' in to the HB10s, they're hot and they know it and it always seems like I'm at the mercy all the time, why? I like his mindset on how he deals and the way he communicates with women, I see where the hostage negotiator thingy fits in now hehe.. It's not easy when you're really into a girl and trying your best not to screw up but here's what I did, I blurted out the SAME EXACT WORDS Dean shared in this recording and bam! things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly! This stuff you have couldn't have arrived at a better time.and knowing if she doesn't work out (but wait - it already HAS worked out! so empowering, and I sware it's knowing there's always another that makes women attracted to me most. May you become fabulously wealthy with your business many times over.I was raised a "nice guy" but now that I'm acting the way women are hardwired to like, everyone's much happier - especially the women, even if they complain that I seem hard to pin down.

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