Pisces dating sagittarius

If you are the lazy kinds, then you share no love compatibility with him and a breakup is inevitable.Hopefully that also means you value your independence because he certainly does!He’s in it for a good time and he wants his partner to throw off all of her inhibitions too.For him, sex is just another extension of the party that life should be, and he wants that party to be as merry and pleasant as possible.He likes to have fun and seek out new opportunities so you won’t be doing anything twice in a row.You’ll have to keep up your energy to keep up with him, but if you like to always be on the go, he’s the guy for you.

He can be forgetful sometimes with his busy life, so you’ll have to schedule things with him in such a way that it sticks in his memory.

And if you’re looking for someone ambitious or financially successful you’ve chosen the wrong man.

He couldn’t care less about such status symbols for they do nothing to further his true education.

Because of this straightforward and carefree nature, your Sagittarius man may also say things that others would not, because he has no filter when it comes to his thoughts.

This can bring about embarrassing moments when introducing him to friends and family so it might be best to warn them first.

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