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I was on Tinder and would occasionally go on a date or two, but I was super careful because I never wanted to be caught short on a date not being able to pay my way.

Most guys I went out with suggested dinner in an expensive restaurant or cocktails in some bar.

So, you may never actually know the person you’re connecting with even after you meet. The one image could have been catfished, the profile could have been created by someone who wants this person to date but has no investment in the endeavor, or this is just someone totally dry. If all of the photos are professional, it’s difficult to determine what this person looks like without photo-editing.

I could get used to hanging out with strangers for a decent meal.

I’m hardly the first person to think of this — it even has its own dating term, “sneating,” which means sneakily chatting someone up solely for the purposes of a free meal — but I’m committed.

They were the ones who were likely to pay on a first date.

Guys who said they were modern or into equality were out — they were clearly Dutch daters all the way. Whenever the bill came, I did that lame thing where I offer to pay half but then don’t argue when he says he’ll take care of it.

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